Roof Painting East London, Eastern Cape 

A good coat of paint on your roof can help prolong your roof’s lifespan. A good roof paint coating will help protect any roof type against South Africa’s harsh weather conditions.

More about our roof painting services:


First, ensure all required roof repairs are done prior to painting. Hydro-wash & clean the roof sections. Use quality roof acrylic paint. Various colours are available. Always use the manufactured standard colours for roof painting. It is not recommended to use a base & tinting colour selection due to the effect of UV rays on the roof surfaces.


Ensure that the supporting timber is sound. Check for dry rot & deterioration especially by over due or un-treated sections. On existing materials remove any loose chips & flakes. Sandpaper as needed & clean surfaces. Always use a high quality acrylic paint.


When repainting gutters always clean & flush the inside of the gutters first. Check for deterioration. Any rust must be addressed. If needed & accessible re-coat the inside of the gutters. Check all joints, stop ends & outlets for leaks. Repair or replace as needed before painting. Downpipes should also be checked & flushed prior to painting.


Only use high-quality acrylic paint.


The roofs should be serviced & coated regularly with a high-quality reflective coating. The surfaces were checked, repaired if needed & properly cleaned. Paint surfaces with bitumen-based aluminium reflective paint. This protects the waterproofing from drying out & cracking.

Why use a professional roofing contractor for Roof Painting? 

Above all when starting any new roofing project, the key to a success is preparation. Particularly when it comes to painting. Consequently, before we begin a painting project, we take great care to repair cracks and flaking paint. Similarly, should it be necessary, we also repair paint textures using various techniques!

In short, if you would like to have your house or office roof painted by reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable roofing professionals.  

RWS also uses EXPERT EXTERIOR WALL PAINT RANGES and EXPERT ROOF PAINT RANGES to get the best results for your roof painting job. 

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