Best 10 roofing contractor experts in East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa

 When it comes to roofing you really want to be sure about the roofing company in East London, Eastern Cape that you choose to work with. Re-roofing or preparing an existing roof on a property is a massive investment into the future of that property. That is why we have taken the time to bring you a list of East London, Eastern Cape’s best roofing contractors, based on qualifications and reviews of past work. You can easily get a quote from 7 leading roofing contractors currently servicing East London, Eastern Cape London for your roofing projects all in the list below:  

1. Roof Spec Roof Waterproofing Contractors East London, Eastern Cape

  East London, Eastern Cape Roof-Spec 24/7 “ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU”. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Roof-Spec 24/7 – the company with 11 years’ of experience in the Roof Construction & general repair market. We offer Superb workmanship and excel…  

2. Border Roofing Contractors East London, Eastern Cape 

 Woodbrook, East London, Eastern Cape   Border Roofing was established in 1996 and has carried out many successful projects over the years. We have been in the roofing and construction industry for in excess of 17 years. Our business is local in that we trade from EL and greater    

3. GMG Roofing Contractors East London, Eastern Cape

 East London, Eastern Cape   Mobile roof rubberising unit. Protect and seal. Roofing contractors in East London, Eastern Cape  

4. Coastal Roofing Waterproofing & Maintenance East London, Eastern Cape

 West Bank Village, East London, Eastern Cape. Roofing contractors in East London, Eastern Cape  

5. Vuleka Roofing Contractors And Construction  

  East London, Eastern Cape   Best service from qualified stuff. Civil and Electrical engineering service provider. We don’t compromise when it comes to quality. We believe quality is fundamental to our business and to the customers. We will never compromise the standard web are the best roofing contractors in East London, Eastern Cape   

6. Magcha Trading And Projects Roofing East London, Eastern Cape  

 Beacon Bay, East London, Eastern Cape   committed to superior quality and results. Provide various resource construction services to both the private and public sectors. Magcha trading and projects has sufficient capacity and expertise to meet any client needs, and having the most affordable roofing contractors in East London, Eastern Cape  

7. GO Maintenance Roofing Maintenance East London, Eastern Cape   

  East London, Eastern Cape For the best customer service. Openshaw Maintenance (PTY) Ltd t/a GO Maintenance was established in 1999 as a small to medium maintenance company to service mainly the private market with maintenance and household repair works as a roofing contractor in East London, Eastern Cape.    

8. HandyMEN Roofing Contractors  East London, Eastern Cape

 East London, Eastern Cape  Here at Handymen we pride ourselves on giving a high standard of workmanship with an approachable and friendly attitude. We use materials of the highest quality and will always treat your home as if its ours. Our approach is as a roofing contractors in East London, Eastern Cape is unique: it aims to build   

9. Stimer Construction And Projects 141 Cc East London, Eastern Cape

 Braelyn, East London, Eastern Cape   specialist in Tarring driveways, roads, tennis courts, pothole filling, speed humbs, Brick paving , Building , Walling. We do tarring of roads, driveways, parking lots,speed humps, potholes. We do all types of paving in different designs. Bui… 

What do roofing specialists in East London, Eastern Cape do?

Roofing specialists in East London, Eastern Cape  are responsible for the installation, repair, and maintenance of roofs. They inspect roofs for damage or wear and tear, and make any necessary repairs. They also install new roofs, shingles, tiles, and other components. They may also be responsible for sealing and waterproofing roofs to prevent leaks. In addition, they may carry out routine maintenance and inspection tasks to ensure the roof is in good condition.

What can a roofing expert in East London, Eastern Cape help with?

A roofing expert in East London, Eastern Cape can be a valuable asset when it comes to managing your property’s roofs. Whether you’re in need of repairs, installation, upgrades, or routine maintenance, a roofing expert can provide a range of services to help you keep your roof in top condition. When it comes to repairs, a roofing expert is trained to identify and address any underlying issues that can cause a roof to break down over time. From missing shingles to structural damage, a roofing expert can identify and remedy the issue quickly and safely. They can also provide emergency repairs to address any immediate issues that may arise. When it comes to installation, a roofing expert is essential in ensuring a roof is properly put in place. From laying down the shingles to sealing and waterproofing the roof, a roofing expert can provide a complete installation that will last for years.

They can also provide advice on material and design to ensure your roof is built to last. It must be noted that a roofer is not responsible for preparing and laying thatched roofing, which is a specialised field of its own. Similarly, a roofer will not be tasked with the roofing of flat-roofed structures, where the roofs are strengthened and covered with concrete, and fall within the builder’s responsibilities. The gutters and downpipes which line the edges of a roof and carry water from the roof into specific areas, do not fall within the responsibilities of the roofer. The builder will attend to this (see builders section).

Finally, a roofing expert in East London, Eastern Cape can provide routine maintenance and inspection services to ensure your roof is in good condition. They can perform inspections after storms or other weather events, identify areas of damage, and make any necessary repairs.

How long does it take to install a roof in East London, Eastern Cape?

The amount of time it takes to install a roof depends on the type of roof and the size of the structure. Generally speaking, a small, single-story home will take approximately one to two days to install the roof, while a larger, multi-story home may take up to a week or more. Additionally, other factors such as the type of roofing materials, the complexity of the roof design, and the weather conditions can also impact the installation time.

What is the process of reroofing in East London, Eastern Cape?

Reroofing is the process of replacing or repairing an existing roof. The process typically begins with an inspection of the current roof, to assess any damage and to determine the scope of the reroofing project. Once the scope of the project is established, the roofing materials and supplies will be ordered and the old roof removed. The new materials will then be installed, including the underlayment, shingles, flashing, and other components. Finally, the roof will be sealed to protect it from the elements.

– The roofing contractor in East London, Eastern Cape will fix any structural problems and damages before the new roof is laid.

– Once all issues are fixed the roofing contractor in East London, Eastern Cape will install the deck protection and leak barrier.

– Once the roof is protected the roofing contractor in East London, Eastern Cape can install the roof tiles or sheet.

The roofer will make lines perfect to guarantee a secure fit. When you know more about roofing you can ensure your roofing contractor delivers quality service

What is the best colour for roofs in East London, Eastern Cape?

The best colour for roofs depends on personal preference and the desired aesthetic. Dark colours, such as grey, black, or dark blue, are popular choices, as they absorb more heat and can help keep a home cooler in the summer months.

Light colours, such as white, beige, or light blue, can help reflect sunlight and heat and help keep a home cooler in the summer months. Ultimately, the best colour for a roof will depend on the desired aesthetic and the climate of the area in East London, Eastern Cape.

What to look for during roof inspections in East London, Eastern Cape?

During a roof inspection in East London, Eastern Cape, look for signs of damage such as missing, cracked, or curled shingles; damaged flashing; and any signs of water damage or leaks. Inspect the roof for signs of mold, mildew, or moss growth. Look for any broken or missing pieces of the roof, such as tiles or slates. Check for any signs of structural damage, such as warping or sagging. Finally, inspect the gutters and downspouts for any debris or blockages that could cause water to back up and damage the roof.

What Is Roof Waterproofing and Why You Should Get It 

  • It is crucial to consider waterproofing your roof to protect it from heavy storms and rains. By neglecting your roof and not getting it waterproofed on time, you leave your property open to structural degradation and leaks. And much more!

How much does a roofing contractor charge to replace a roof in East Ldonon, South Africa?

  • The re-roofing cost for a typical 3-bedroom household house needs to remain in the area of: It costs R60,000 to R100,000 to replace an existing metal roof system.
  • It costs R200,000 to change existing tiles. It costs R150,000 to R200,000 to replace an existing asbestos cement roof.

What questions should I ask a potential East London, Eastern Cape roofing contractor?

  • How long have you been in business?
  • How local is your business?
  • Who owns your business, and for how long have they owned it?
  • What jobs do you have that I can go see?
  • Who, exactly, will be installing my roof?

Why Should a roofing contractor in East London, Eastern Cape maintain your roof?

  A well-maintained roof will guarantee the occupants are comfortable and secure. It provides structural protection. The roof is also designed as a structural support that keeps the entire house together. Without a roof, your lighting, plumbing and interior design would not be able to come together in your home  

What are the most common roof problems in East London, Eastern Cape?


  • Roof Leaks. A leaking roof is one of the most common roofing problems that homeowners face. …
  • Standing Water. Another roof issue that happens from water is standing water, or pooled water. …
  • Damaged Shingles. …
  • Damaged Flashing.

What is better: A tiled roof or a Colorbond roof?

 Depends who you ask is one answer but each has advantages and disadvantages.  A new Colorbond roof is lighter than tiles so it is a good option on old roof where the roof or building structure has begun to sag, crack or twist under the weight of the old tiled roof.  A new Colorbond roof will also tend to tie the whole roof together making it stronger.   A tiled roof is more susceptible to severe hail damage than a metal roof as even new tiles can crack with good size hail, whereas the metal may be dented, but not break.  Steel roofing is also more versatile. It can be used on any pitch and made into all kinds of shapes.   And arguably, a new Colorbond roof just looks a lot better!  

Should a roofing contractor replace or restore my roof in East London, Eastern Cape?

  This is a common question and fundamentally depends on two factors: How bad the existing roof is and your budget. The only way to know how bad the roof really is is to get an unbiased professional opinion. Some companies only do roof replacements so they will only try and sell you a new roof. Some only do restorations and will tell you you can get 20 years more out of your roof when actually it really is best to replace it now.   One important thing to remember though is: “The longer you leave it, the more likely it is that water will get into places it shouldn’t.”

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring East London, Eastern Cape Roofing Contractors

  Finding a contractor in East London, Eastern Cape to fix or replace your roof can be a daunting task. When it comes to something as costly as a roof replacement, we want to know that we’re hiring the best of the best roofing contractors in East London, Eastern Cape. Hiring a East London, Eastern Cape roofing contractor has unique advantages. Below are 5 benefits to keep in mind when choosing a residential roofing contractor.  

1. Roofing Contractors have Local Knowledge

East London, Eastern Cape roofing contractors know your area very well and have a pretty good idea of what type of roofs are appropriate. East London, Eastern Cape residents are used to rain, snow and extreme cold. That’s one of the biggest reasons why asphalt roofs are used. Asphalt shingle roofs insulate your home against the dangerously cold weather and are also durable and flexible enough to support the weight of snow collected on your roof.  

2. East London, Eastern Cape Roofing Contractors have Hands-on Experience

 Your roof is a big investment and it deserves hands-on experience. Local contractors will deliver that and personalized customer service to you.  Most owners and managers of local roofing companies will frequently stop by their job site to ensure everything is running smoothly. You won’t receive that one-on-one interaction with large out-of-area franchises.  

3. Readily Available East London, Eastern Cape Roofers

  When consumers are buying, they make decisions based on the information they have about the product or service. An East London, Eastern Cape roofing company will be readily available to respond to your questions or concerns. They’ll be better at explaining to you the meaning of commonly used terms, like shingles and flashing. Understanding the meaning of these terms helps you know if it’s the right service for your home.  

4. East London, Eastern Cape Roofing Contractors have Accountability

  Most East London, Eastern Cape roofing contractors offer a workmanship warranty, which means the contractor that completed the original installation will take responsibility for both material and labor issues. We offers the best warranty available for each of our roofing brands, including the GAF Golden Pledge Limited Warranty.   By contracting in East London, Eastern Cape, if a warranty issue occurs, they’ll back up their warranty and fix the problem. Hiring an out-of-town roofer may hinder your chances of this. You may be waiting for weeks for repair.  

5. Roofing Contractors put the East London, Eastern Cape Community First

 East London, Eastern Cape roofing contractors are not just businesses, they are part of your local community. They prioritize maintaining the well-being of their community. Residential roofing contractors want to ensure that all their projects will be in the best interest of the neighborhood. They know the local climate and common problems faced by homeowners in the area, so they can immediately adjust their work to suit the project.   Hiring an East London, Eastern Cape roofing professional is a big decision and all factors should be considered. Staying local is your best bet, and you can trust and rely on to deliver the best work possible. RWS delivers high quality, from our family to yours.  

Leading Roofing Contractors in East London, Eastern Cape

A leading roofing contractor in the roof waterproofing sector and can improve both industrial and domestic spaces

About RWS roofing contractors

Allow Rubber waterproofing Sealants to provide you with the best Roof waterproofing services available in East London, Eastern Cape. We possess the skills and resources needed for effective workmanship.

Our roof waterproofing contracting services are applied the right way so that your home is protected from the environment. This includes both rain and sun which can affect the roof differently.

Rain can cause the roof to begin to leak which lead to even further issues such as rotting, growth of mold and your roof collapsing.

The sun can ruin the roof in terms of fading and chipping. As time goes on the overall colour of the roof will become dull and your aesthetic appeal will go down.

Rubber waterproofing Sealants roof waterproofing services utilises environmentally sustainable products such as our lead free rubber paint. It ensures that we move towards a more environmentally responsible space.

Likewise the roof waterproofing service provides you with all of the necessary checks. The exterior of the roof, interior of your roof space and any faulty wiring and gutters are checked to see how much damage has, or could, be caused.

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Roofing Related Services

We manufacture our own unique range of Rubber waterproof coatings that will protect your roof against Rust/Corrosion and Water Leaks, we also spray and apply roof pain cutting your labor cost in half. We not only specialize in waterproofing but offer all other roofing repair-related services: 

Roof Waterproofing East London, Eastern Cape

All structures must be watertight to keep water out of your building. On flat concrete roofs, we use Thermoflex Torch-On bitumen membrane, which is a mechanically produced product of uniform thickness that ensures consistent coverage across the entire roof. Various types of flashing are used to waterproof pitched roofs. Flashing directs water away from roof joints, which are prone to water penetration.

Roof Leak Repairs East London, Eastern Cape

Roof maintenance & Repair is frequently overlooked and disregarded, which can seriously harm your building's interior. At least every two years, general roof maintenance should be performed by your roofing contractor. Natural Slate, Everite/Asbestos Slate, Concrete and Clay Roof Tiles, and Waterproofing are among the materials we repair on roofs. Contact us right away for a free evaluation.

Roof Maintenance East London, Eastern Cape

Roof care and inspections are critical components in increasing the life of your roof. To identify and resolve minor issues before they become major and costly issues. Large roof leaks cause damage to the ceilings, walls, draperies, and floors. Because the leak was caused by a lack of maintenance, your insurance carrier will not cover any internal damage to your home until the roof is fixed by a roofing contractor.

Re-Roofing Services East London, Eastern Cape

Roof coverings deteriorate with age, becoming porous and brittle (tiled roofs) or rusted through (sheeted roofs). As a roofing contractor, we may repair your old roof, replace it completely, or upgrade it to a more modern covering (dependent on the existing roof structure).

Roof Painting East London, Eastern Cape 

RWS East London, Eastern Cape provides high quality, cost effective and efficient painting, roofing and waterproofing solutions. A good coat of paint on your roof can help prolong your roof's lifespan. A good roof paint coating will help protect any roof type against South Africa’s harsh weather conditions.

Roof Gutter Maintenance East London, Eastern Cape

All structures must be watertight to keep water out of your building. On flat concrete roofs, we use Thermoflex Torch-On bitumen membrane, which is a mechanically produced product of uniform thickness that ensures consistent coverage across the entire roof. Various types of flashing are used to waterproof pitched roofs. Flashing directs water away from roof joints, which are prone to water penetration.



The our product is designed to be eco-friendly. It is safe to use and will be applied by experts in the field of waterproofing. Every team member is trained to have the ability to provide the correct coating accurately.



Our product is a highly versatile, water-based, elastomeric, UV Resistant, waterproof rubber coating. This means is that you will be able to coat a wide number of areas and surfaces. It also guarantees that leaks are eradicated.



The way it works is through the formulation of elastomeric polymer blends. This enables the unsurpassed ability to expand and contract when required. This is how the product can withstand virtually any weather condition.


Ask the best
Roof contractor in East London, Eastern Cape

From waterproofing in your gutters to roof repairs and applications on anything from concrete to wood. Rubber Seal is always easy to apply with a brush, is environmentally friendly, is 750% elastic, and is weather and UV-resistant. 

Proper maintenance ensures better safety for yourself and your family. Here’s what you should look out for:

– Assess the roof after a storm or hail. Don’t assess from the ground but elevate yourself with a ladder for a good view.

– Check your roof for leaks. Look out for water spots, mould or dampness on the walls or ceilings.

– Go into the attic which a flashlight and assess the trusses. Broken and/or rotten trusses should be replaced immediately.

When you’re pro-active you limit damage and expenses.

Rubber Sealant is: Liquid Rubber manufactured to keep water in or out of a specific area therefore ensuring a watertight seal.

Unlike more traditional products, Rubber Waterproofing Sealant is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions and is not adversely affected by extreme temperature conditions.

Rubber sealant has a shelf life of 24 months when properly stored. If the can remain open for an extended period of time a skin may form on the surface. In order to avoid skinning over, remove the lid, use immediately and always replace the lid after each use.

Waterproofing is a means of extending the durability, beauty and usefulness of an object or structure by making it waterproof or water-resistant so that water will have little to no detrimental effect on its usefulness and purpose. Alternatively, waterproofing may be applied to enable an object to contain fluids without seepage or leaking into the surrounding area. The usual sloping roofs of buildings and construction projects are necessarily able to withstand the onslaught and run-off of water, and this is achieved through materials such as thick plastic sheeting laid underneath the roof tiles or aluminium sheeting, as well as flashing which is used around areas such as chimneys, skylights, dormer windows and heat extraction devices which are mounted in the roof. In buildings with flat roofs, specific processes are used to ensure that water has an escape route and that the roof has a waterproof covering which will be impervious to wet conditions. 

The colour of your roof should complement the building’s architecture and environment. Light or dark coloured roofs can make an impact:

1. Light coloured roofs are recommended for warm areas because they reflect light and absorb less heat. The building requires less cooling which can save energy costs.

2. Dark coloured roofs absorb light and heat that help make the building warmer.

The best paint colours are:

– White: White has a cooling element. It’s versatile and suits any wall colour. It’s most suited for sheet metal roofs.

– Grey: This is a modern colour which is suited to any home or roof.

– Terracotta: This colour fits well in most environments. It blends well with most wall colours and absorbs heat to make your home feel warm.

Only use paint designed for roofs. It has the right formula to make it weather and rust resistant for over 10 years.

Rubber waterproofing Sealants also spray and apply roof pain cutting your labour cost in half.

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Rubber waterproofing Sealants’s workmanship is world class and our dedicated staff are focused in their ability to guarantee a high standard of roof waterproofing repair and maintenance.