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Save Money by Maintaining Your Roof

Roof care and inspections are critical components in increasing the life of your roof. To identify and resolve minor issues before they become major and costly issues. Large roof leaks cause damage to the ceilings, walls, draperies, and floors. Because the leak was caused by a lack of maintenance, your insurance carrier will not cover any internal damage to your home until the roof is fixed by a roofing contractor.

  • FROM R1.00 per square meter.
  • The Advantages of a Roofing Maintenance Contract
  • We can detect big problems before they cause widespread damage.
  • Maintenance and inspections can extend the life of a roof by up to 50%.
  • A contract can improve the value of a property.
  • A contract will save money in the long run.
  • When a roof contract is in effect, an insurance company cannot deny a claim.
  • Roof Preventative Maintenance
  • A skilled roof assessor will check the roof visually and produce a written report with images.
  • A quote is prepared for all work required to bring the roof up to acceptable standards.
  • We can engage into a PRM contract with the owner once the roof has been repaired to a degree of maintainability.

Why use a professional roofing contractor for roof maintanance? 

Above all when starting any new roofing project, the key to a success is preparation. Particularly when it comes to painting. Consequently, before we begin a painting project, we take great care to repair cracks and flaking paint. Similarly, should it be necessary, we also repair paint textures using various techniques!

In short, if you would like to have your house or office roof painted by reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable roofing professionals.  

RWS also uses EXPERT EXTERIOR WALL PAINT RANGES and EXPERT ROOF PAINT RANGES to get the best results for your roof painting job. 

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