All About flat roofs - East London, Eastern Cape

Did you know that flat roofs aren’t completely level, but have a slant of about 3 degrees to allow for rain drainage?

A torch-on system, followed by an aluminum coating to protect it from the sun, is the best way to seal this membrane.

This membrane does have a 10-year lifespan generally but maintenance is needed as the aluminium coating gets damaged in the sun. The following is a list of the companies that will be able to help you.

Fortunately for you, RWS provides the torch-on system and maintenance.

Some advantages of flat roofs include:

  1. They provide more space than a pitched roof would have provided, and this extra space can be used for extensions such as garages.
  2. It is less expensive because less material is required, and it is installed faster because they are not pitched.

Some disadvantages of flat roofs include:

  1. Because the entire roof is exposed to the sun all day, it absorbs more heat.
  2. They sometimes necessitate more maintenance because all drains must be inspected to ensure that water drains properly.
  3. They are prone to leaking and must be sealed with a waterproof seal.


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